Organization Chart

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Executive Board    
PresidentRachel Lee Advisory Board
Vice PresidentLeon Xiao ChairWanny Chang
ProvostElliot Baldwin   
Chief Executive OfficerRoberta V. Trujillo   
Director of International AffairsGus Pappas HonoraryKaofeng Yeh
    Chris Ho
    Grace Rigano
    Tim J. Marts
    Monica Park
    Jessie Ni

> Biography

Rachel Lee
Dr. Rachel Lee is a well-recognized and long-respected educator, teacher, commercial visual communication designer, illustration artist, self-improvement counselor, author and public speaker.
As founder/president of Dorcas University, she continues her tireless effort to instruct, and improving her students' chances of success every step of the way. Her perpetual passion for quality education and vast contributions service among Chinese community has earned her numerous awards and trophies from US government.

Leon Xiao
Dr. Leon Xiao is a Professor and Vice Dean of the School of the Art & Communication at Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China. He was the Director of Computer Technology at New York University. He has established an international reputation in the computer networking, film and media industry. He is one of the most outstanding Chinese-Americans, especially for his achievement in the widely acclaimed film production project, Bunny, which won 71st Oscar.

Elliot Baldwin
Dr. Elliot Baldwin who is responsible for setting the University's academic strategy and priorities, working closely with the deans of the schools, and identifying and cultivating interdisciplinary areas of excellence and collaboration within and between schools. He is specializes in family counseling training in many countries over the past 30 years. In addition, Dr. Baldwin is an ordained minister in the Way of the church.  He also serves as its general counsel and as president of its national youth department.

Roberta V. Trujillo
Mrs. Trujillo has over 30 years' experience in the finance industry. She specializes in project finance activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, etc. She is a senior executive in an international investment company. She also dedicates time to serve her community in the City of Rosemead.

Wanny Chang
Mrs. Chang is a gifted musician and an experienced childhood educator. She has long engaged in the public relation areas which leads Mrs. Chang to assume leadership consultant role for many top-notch schools and holds Advisory Board Chair positions in a broad spectrum of organizations. Owing to her roots, she has strong devotion for the Asian communities and participates in community volunteer services.

Kaofeng Yeh
Pastor Yeh has a high reputation in the Chinese community, locally and abroad. Equipped with multiple abilities and professional qualifications, Pastor Yeh has significant contributions in family education and counseling psychology activities. He has strong dedication to pastoral and social services through active participation in community works and has written many publications and articles on related topics.

Chris Ho
Mr. Ho has strong background in the business sector. He had taken up important roles in many top tier Taiwan electronic corporations. After migrating to the U.S., he has been recruited as business consultant for several Taiwanese corporations to oversee the establishment of overseas subsidiaries. His other talent is in Chinese painting and he is a celebrity in the Los Angeles art community. His artworks won numerous honors from the State government and one of his eagle paintings has been presented to President George W. Bush.

Grace Rigano
Ms. Rigano joined the International Business Machines (IBM) in 1960s which was then the first and largest computer organization worldwide. Serving as a senior chief for over 25 years, she had provided leadership in strategic planning and trouble shooting. In recognition of her outstanding achievements, she received the honorable IBM's Quarter Century Staff Award.

Tim J. Marts
Dr. Marts has more than 28 years teaching experience for his association with many top-tier universities, both domestic and overseas universities. He is well known in his architect and psychology professions. He runs his own consulting firm and has a private psychotherapy practice.

Monica Park
Dr. Park is a Program Director for a non-profit organization. As a trained children psychologist and a senior marriage counseling consultant with a substantial knowledge in Japanese studies, her research focuses on young Japanese and Euro-American women. Moreover, she has taught English and psychology, locally and abroad, for years.

Jessie Ni
Before becoming a project manager in R&D Systems, Dr. Ni was a project consultant in the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Minnesota. She is a specialist in molecular biology and biochemistry. Throughout her career, she received numerous awards and honors for her remarkable works.